The happiest kids in the world live in Mexico, says surprising new index

You want really happy kids? Head south of the border. That’s the news from The Marketing Store Worldwide, a global brand activation agency headquartered in Chicago.

Chief Marketer: Six Tips When Marketing To Global Kids

What’s it like to be a kid in today’s complex world? It turns out that kids around the world are surprisingly savvy and share much more in common than we may have initially thought.

Advertising Age: Why Do Boys and Girls Have Similar Interests, But Very Different Toys?

Is it possible that boys will at some point demand Littlest Pet Shop sets and girls will ask their parents for K'nex? Highly unlikely, despite the fact that boys and girls have increasing similarities.

Fast Company Co.Create: Your Next Marketing Challenge: Gen Z

If marketers and brands have struggled to understand and communicate with Millennials, they may find the new kids, Generation Z, an even bigger challenge to engage with. A new global study, entitled "A New Definition of Childhood" by The Marketing Store Worldwide looks in detail at the habits and attitudes...

Kids Around The Globe Are Ready To Take On The World

A study by The Marketing Store Worldwide shows that the current generation of kids has the tools and values to make the world a better place.

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