Category: The New Definition of Childhood – A Global Kids Study

Ah, childhood. Often portrayed as a time of simple carefree innocence, today’s kids are being equipped to thrive in a more complex, global world.  From this global survey, we see that kids are not only highly engaged in life, but are masters of technology.  They hold “success-oriented values.”  Kids are also encouraged by their parents […]

The Declining Gender Gap When it comes to gender differences, how much is “nature” versus “nurture”?  Are girls naturally more attuned to domestic life, while boys are more adventurous?  While these notions may persist in parts of adult culture, many of these differences are now viewed as “stereotypes” or “gender roles” (amenable to change rather […]

Kids care most about family and friends—not celebrity and riches. The media would like you to believe everyone wants “fame and fortune,” but kids still appreciate the simple things in life.  “Family” and “friends” are at the top of their lists.  We see this in their attitudes, values, what makes them happy and even what […]

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